Logging Service for Alexa Skills


Logging Service for Alexa Skills

Turn your Alexa Skill Logs into Conversations

CloudWatch Logs

Amazon's CloudWatch

Logless, same logs

A Complete Solution Out-of-the-Box

So you don't have to build it yourself

  • Thorough, logs not just the console.log statements but also the requests and responses
  • Performant, doesn't get in the way of your skill's user experience and has all the best practices baked in
  • Tailored for Alexa Skills, display your logs in a way that is complementary to the information you are logging

Super Simple Integration

One call gives you everything.

exports.handler = bst.Logless.capture("/* secret key */", function (event, context) {
// Lambda code goes here

Node.js Sample (Java coming soon!)


We are still sorting out the pricing so everything is free!


For the Hobbyist

  • Details to Come...


Coming Soon!

  • Small-Medium Organization
  • Moderate Usage
  • Logless Saves you Time and Money


Coming Soon!

  • Large Organization
  • Heavy Usage
  • You get our home phone numbers for support calls