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$ npm install bespoken-tools -g
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Derived from our namesake, bst is a command line interface tool that is your much needed sidekick while you develop your Alexa Skill or Action on Google.

bst proxy


With bst proxy, you can develop against actual devices, such as the Echo. You no longer need to redeploy your code after every update, instead have Alexa communicate with your local machine through our proxy service.

Read the full docs here.

bst speak


bst speak allows you to test your sample utterances against your skill. Use it in conjunction with bst proxy to test against a skill running locally or pass bst speak a URL to test a live endpoint.

Read the full docs here.

bst intend


A perfect complement to bst speak, bst intend allows you to test intents against your skill. You can test your custom intents or the required built-in intents (ie. AMAZON.HelpIntent).

Read the full docs here.

bst deploy


You finished developing and happy with your tests, time to push the Lambda to AWS. bst deploy, will package everything up for you, send it to AWS and give you an ARN.

Read the full docs here.